We know that the decisions experienced while downsizing can be overwhelming and can trigger many emotions. It’s hard to know where to start. We are here to help you handle the complexities of your move or, we can just optimize the space you’re already living in. Whatever your situation, we would love to help.

Move management

We can plan and orchestrate your entire move from start to finish or only handle specific parts. We start by constructing a move timeline that meets your specific situation.

  • Downsizing and transition consulting
  • Develop your move timeline with key dates and action plans
  • Develop floor plan for your new home
  • De-clutter surfaces in preparation for home staging/listing
  • Assist in decision making for sorting, organizing, downsizing
  • Provide boxes and supplies
  • Organize paperwork and coordinate shredding service
  • Packing and/or arrange for professional packing services, based on individual needs
  • Refer/coordinate 3rd party services including real estate agent, estate sale, furniture consignment, offsite storage, cleaners, stagers, waste removal, etc.
  • Refer trusted moving companies
  • Donation drop-offs or arranging larger charity pick-ups
  • Coordinate move day include final packing, loading, unload
  • Direct furniture placement
  • Unpacking and removal of packing materials
  • Set up new household including making beds, bathrooms, setting up kitchen and organize your home office & garage
  • Hanging pictures, connect basic electronics and other finishing touches

Disbursement Support

With compassion and understanding we help families and trustees with all tasks involved in disbursing and clearing an estate of a loved one.  We can meet with you for a free consultation to discuss our process and services. Let us lighten your burden during this difficult time.  


If your goal is to stay in your home, we enjoy nothing more than helping declutter and eliminate factors that are causing you stress. We can help you develop a plan that anticipates your future needs. We can help you feel safe and comfortable in the space you want to continue to call home. We are happy to meet with you for a free initial consultation to discuss the process, your timeline and priorities, and see how our services can meet your needs. It’s like having a trusted experienced companion wade through the chaos and lead the way.

Home and
Small Business

Does it seem like you are constantly looking for things and papers? Do you have too much stuff that is always in your way? I can work alongside you to cut through the clutter and organizing your home or small business. No judgement. We are not there to “make” you get rid of your things.  We are there to help you reach your goals and achieve the lifestyle you desire. We don't just make it look neat, we help you set up processes and teach you how to sustain order.  

Having a financial background, I enjoy tackling your piles of papers and years of old files. I am not a CPA, or a financial investor, or a lawyer but I can help organize your paperwork to prepare for your professional meetings. Don’t let months of unopened mail get you down. Let’s review it together, decide what you need to keep, where to keep it and develop a plan for accomplishing your "To Do" action plan.

Areas of organizing include:

  • Home office
  • Kitchen
  • Closets
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Storage Units
  • Garage
  • Small business offices