One comment that we hear time and again is that when Tammy Jo and team comes on board, “it just feels like everything is manageable” and that “everything is going to be ok”.  “I feel like I can finally exhale.”  We take every one of those comments as the highest compliment and this result is truly our goal.

Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for you taking the lead in downsizing Mom’s apartment and moving what she needed to memory care. You helped Mom decide what she wanted to take with her. I could never have done it because she would have wanted to take everything. You packed the small stuff, photos and papers that remained into a few banker boxes and one clothes box and then delivered them to my home. On move day, you worked with the movers to have them transfer the clothes and furniture to her new place, and in a matter of hours, you set up the room – arranged the furniture, hung pictures and laid out her knickknacks to look as familiar as possible. It was incredible.

You advised me that on actual move day I should take Mom somewhere and not take her to her new room until you and Shelly had set it up. You said it would be too chaotic and confusing for her to be there while movers were working. Good advice. When she first walked into her new room at memory care her eyes brightened in recognition.

Also, thank you for organizing the piles of paper Mom had stuffed on every shelf of bookcases or stacked, in no particular order, in her file cabinet: Family photos, letters, Mom’s published and unpublished poetry and stories. It would have taken me months.

You donated the remaining furniture and had what couldn’t be donated hauled away. You left her apartment in such good shape that the security deposit was refunded.

I knew that Mom would eventually need to move to a higher level of care. The prospect seemed overwhelming, if not impossible. In short, you made the impossible, possible, thank you.
— Donald W.

In the fall of 2014, my husband and I decided to sell our Burton Valley home in Lafayette. After 43 years it was time to ‘downsize.’ Used to doing most everything ourselves, we soon realized a monumental task confronted us… we would need more help. Our well-respected Realtor, Dana Green, suggested we contact Tammy Borosky. So we did.

Within 15 minutes of our initial interview with Tammy, we realized we were dealing with an energetic and quality individual. She developed a personalized plan of action - one that we would refer to often over the weeks it took us to settle into our new condominium.

The moving process involves an obvious physical aspect. Tammy is exceptionally effective in every aspect of the moving process, including her ability to physically maneuver boxes and furniture! She was always ahead of us in our thinking: delivering boxes, supplies, packing paper, and tape, etc., just when we needed them. Exceptionally organized, flexible and tuned into our needs, Tammy helped us digest our belongings: One group for keeping, one for selling, one for recycling. It was especially helpful to us that she was willing to haul away anything not needed.

As wonderful as her ability is to handle the physical aspect of moving, Tammy’s most outstanding qualities are those that involve her working with clients, her interpersonal gifts: her enthusiasm for helping others, her obvious love and caring for people, her intuition for discerning their needs and her direct, honest and friendly approach are exceptional! She works beautifully with all personality types without judgment and holds a high ethic of confidentiality. My husband and I hit occasional roadblocks along the way. Tammy was invaluable in helping us to refocus.

What we are learning about Tammy is that she is willing to be there for us in our new home as well… from unpacking, helping us find just the right location for furniture and even checking up on us with a text or phone call. Can’t ask for more than this! Dana Green was right…
— Susi and Rudi